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“Glovus achieves the perfect balance between the new-school trend of a minimalist glove and the traditional fully built models. Glovus takes the best of both worlds, blends them seamlessly and adds an elegant and pleasing aesthetic”.

Erik Fraire, Atlético Capitalino Goalkeeper

Glovus is my favorite pair to wear. I’ve had other gloves that are thinner, but training with a thicker glove is more helpful. I also like the style and simple design.

Isaac Arreola

The grip is really good. The latex is very nice as well. Adidas and Nike will only last me two weeks at the rate I train. Glovus will last me a month, plus they are affordable. I’ve worn so many gloves in my career, but these are the only gloves I trust.

Diego Vasallo

Glovus is different. It’s all in one. You get the feel, comfort, and grip as good as the top-of-the-line companies like Nike and Adidas. The design is simple and easy to match. I really recommend all my keepers out there to try out this glove, it’s legit one of my favorite pairs I’ve owned.

Miguel Lua, Former Chivas USA Academy Goalkeeper

In my opinion, they're very very good. The grip and the structure of the glove are still intact and strong after at least 25 sessions.

Jason Salmeron, Harvard Westlake Goalkeeper

“Fell in love after my first hold. The best all around gloves I’ve ever used, with the slick design making them overall a 10/10. 

Spencer Gillen, UC Davis Goalkeeper